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4 Reasons Why it is Vital that All Employees are Trained in Food Safety

In a commercial food establishment, there is no excuse for unsafe food handling practices. One case of food poisoning can destroy a restaurant’s reputation and put an owner out of business.  Unfortunately, many owners never think about food safety beyond storage and preparation, yet that is where many issues occur that can cause your business great harm.

Here are 4 reasons why it is vitally important to your business to train all employees in safe food and bar handling practices:

1. Safe procedures reduce waste. There will be less food waste due to spoilage or contamination when all staff is properly trained in food safety. Less Waste = More Profit!

2. All employees have contact with food in some way. Washing the dishes, setting a table, serving a plate, and mixing a drink all relate to food safety. Remember, ice and drink garnishes are food – and the bar can be a source or numerous health risks. It is important that all these functions be done as safely as the kitchen handles product.

3. It can reduce the risk of food poisoning. Cross contamination from person-to-person contact is the number one reason for the spread of harmful bacteria. Workers who are properly trained in safe food handling practices will be less likely to be the source of bacterial contamination.

4. It is a health code requirement. Currently, the only restaurant workers who need to be food safety certified are managers, but the FDA Food Code does stipulate that all restaurant staff need to have a working knowledge of food safety. What constitutes "working knowledge" is left up to the local health departments to decide. Chances are the health inspector will ask employees what safety measures they are using and maybe why those measures are important.

The best way to ingrain proper procedures into people is to change their behavior. Training, coaching and regularly applying food safety training principles will eventually change the way staff work.  The goal is to have safe food and bar handling become second nature.

As an owner, you want to avoid health department fines, possible downtime and negative publicity from poor sanitation. This is easier, if all employees are on the same page regarding food safety and sanitation regulations.

Don’t know where to begin?  Ask yourself, do you have the proper operational guidelines and training programs so your staff can help you be as profitable as possible?
4Q Consulting can develop customized operational guidelines and training programs to meet your needs.  Call us today for a free business consultation!

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